Thesecourses are designed to offer students patient care opportunities in a varietyof practice settings, including community pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatoryclinics. Students will use their clinical knowledge and skills to identify, resolve or prevent drug therapy problems in order to improvethe health related quality of life for patients , provide consultations ondrug-related issues, educate/counsel patients and family members on the use ofmedications and appliances. Emphasis is given on product selection,identification and resolution of actual and potential drug-related problems. Students will identify and solve patients’drug-related problems through documentation, evaluation, monitoring andfollow-up of patients.

404 course is acontinuation of 403 course, topics that are covered during this includeinterpretation of clinical laboratory data; chronic disease management (renaldiseases; diabetes and thyroid diseases; asthma and COPD; cardiovascular diseasesincluding hypertension, dyslipidaemia, Ischaemic heart diseases, arrhythmias and heart failure;); patient self-management(self-monitoring and follow-up: for respiratory and pulmonary conditions,hypertension and diabetes) and professional services (provision of testingservices for glucose and cholesterol/triglycerides). 406 course involves thepractical applications for the 404 course (theory), and the clinical placementsin which students spent 1 day/week ineither polyclinic pharmacies or community pharmacies.