Introduction to Clinical Dentistry is an  an inter-disciplinary introduction to the clinical aspects of the practice of dentistry – with the integration of various clinical disciplines. The course will offer a basic introduction to the clinical protocols at Kuwait University Dental Center (KUDC). It also will offer  training and orientation on the use and utilization of the existing software in use for patient records and radiology. Finally, the course will initiate the training process in the overall comprehensive treatment planning of the patients treated at KUDC.

The Oral Maxilofacial Radiology I course we will be covering basic knowledge in oral radiology needed by a dentist practicing general dentistry. The course will have a didactic and practical portion.  The didactic portion will cover the most common dental diseases seen in general practice. It will also cover extra-oral radiographic techniques commonly used in dentistry. The practical portion of the course will be focused on creating radiographic reports for intra-oral radiographic series and panoramic radiographs.